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Reasons behind learning Python

Reasons behind learning Python

There are many programming languages in the world of computers. People who want to become a developer have to learn these languages. There are many old languages like C, C++, Java, JavaScript etc. which people have done for becoming a software developer. All these languages seem to be difficult for some of the people and they may not have some features which are very important. In such a case, python programming has been developed and now many people who want to become web developers want to do this course. There are many reasons because of which people want to do this course and in this article, we will discuss about some of them. But first, let us know what is python programming.

What is Python programming?

Python is a high-level programming server-side programming language whose task is to analyze the user input and give the output accordingly. Guido van Rossum developed the language. He later removed unnecessary syntax to make the language easy. It is an open-source language and is very popular among the developers. Now let us see why people want to do python courses.

Reasons for doing python course

Python course is being provided by many organizations and FolksIT is one of them. The syllabus of python course consists of all the topics which will help a candidate to make his career. Here are some of the reasons which force people to do python course.

Python programming is simple

The main reason that people want to do the course is that the language is easy to learn and has the resemblance to English language. The language is interpreted and is not compiled. It is an open-source platform and none of the developers need to do complex costing. It is so because it has a large library that consists of a lot of functions. Developers have to use that functions to complete the project.

Properties of portability and extensibility

The language has the ability to perform operation between different languages. There are many platforms that support python and this feature helps the language to communicate with Java and .Net languages. The language can also work easily with C, Ruby, Objective C, and many other languages.

Web Development

Many frameworks are available in Python which help to make different types of websites. Some of these frameworks include Pylons, Django, Flask, and many more. Web scraping is also possible through these frameworks. Web scraping is a process through which developers can fetch data from other websites.

Inclusion of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be seen in many websites like Google. There are many libraries in the python language which help in machine learning. Some of these libraries are Keras, Tensorflow, etc. Image recognition can also be done with the help of openCv library.

Usage of python in computer graphics

Python is very useful in making small and large projects. These projects can be done for making websites or making standalone applications. GUI applications can be made with the help of Tkinter library. Game development can also be done in python language and this is possible with the help of pygame module.

Testing the code

Besides making web and desktop applications, python framework is also used for testing various codes. Many companies have installed python for testing purposes. It is so because the language has many frameworks that are used for testing codes. These testing frameworks have the features of debugging the code to make it free from all kinds of errors. Some of these frameworks are Robot and PyTest. People should learn these testing frameworks as they will make the testing process very easy.

Usage of big data in python

Python also has the support of Hadoop and people can use Hadoop because of the presence of Pydoop library. Dask and Pyspark are other libraries, which can be used for processing big data in Python. Many companies have installed python to use big data in their projects.

Usage as a scripting language

Python is popular as a programming language only. Many people do not know that it is also a scripting language. When the language is used as a scripting language, developers have to write scripts which have to be executed. The error of the code is checked at runtime. After the code is run successfully, it can be used anywhere. Python also has the ability to automate some of the tasks in the code.

Python for data scientist

Many data scientists have adopted python in order to do scientific research. They are able to do research with the help of two numerical engines which are Numpy and Pandas. Statistical and other types of data can also be analyzed through python. All the things related to statistics and mean can be done with the help of matplotlib and seaborn.

High salary

People also do the course to get good jobs with designations of managerial level. The salary package of such designations is also high.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the benefits of python course and people who will do it will get great job opportunities. Python can be integrated with most of the programming language. It is also being implemented in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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